Now i am working on designing my portfolio website i’ve been thinking about logo’s, well not so much a logo but a signiture i can use to identify myself as a brand and an illustrator.  i’ve found that my work is going in a new direction which is much looser and experimental, and thats what i would like my logo to represent this new experimental inky, 3D stage of my work.

I would like my logo to include my name, either abbreviated or in full and i am unsure of whether it should include the word illustration- so i shall try it out both ways. Because i would like to be identified as both an illustrator and a fine artist so i shall decide after my experiments. As i have been using alot of ink lately i tried my first ideas with ink and then i moved onto a fineliner just to try different methods of writing the type.

Now i realise a logo isn’t essential, i’m thinking of it more as a signiture that will help identify my work if the style does not identify it fully.

21741_10155507555385151_403799665539090738_n 22822_10155507554680151_6533297189233835058_n 1497719_10155507554905151_2641659765538757969_n 10408707_10155507555555151_7962341922271256751_n 10408960_10155507555230151_4718651794257564618_n 10730875_10155507555960151_3363200969164325889_n 11013464_10155507555050151_2017918613961791419_n 11064617_10155507554495151_5065666295627448465_n 11091576_10155507556190151_1736329384853878686_n 11102879_10155507555785151_666611544647172585_n 11113720_10155507553865151_4186289925301282692_n 11115646_10155507554060151_2277490160317894073_n 11146262_10155507556335151_2608748058785762453_n

the one i liked best is this one below: it looks informal and loose and sketchy, and i don’t think there is a need to add illustration in the logo now because this leaves me open to other forms of creativity.

logo idea


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