I am looking at a book created by Su Blackwell illustration classic fairytales, whilst i know her method of 3D illustration using books is very literal and has been done to death, its the manner in which she creates her compositions that i am interested in. She used Vignettes throughout the book, smaller illustrations accompanying full bleed images and i am liking the effect of this very much, its like a method of archiving or highlighting objects within the fantasy world / story she is responding too, without the need to completely explain what is happening on that page.

I personally, whilst her style of illustration is less contemporarily valued these days; really like her work. I think i would prefer it on plain paper though as opposed to book pages, because i feel this is too literal and obvious a take on the idea of representing a narrative through 3D work. Even so i cannot deny her technique is incredible, i am also looking in this book at how she lights her pieces, although so far it seems they are very simply shot and lit and not very experimental which i do not think will suit my work, i think more close ups and immersion into her worlds would have been more interesting.

Pro’s to Su Blackwell’s composition and photography:

  • showcases the whole illustration in detail
  • lighting adds sense of life to the pieces
  • being well lit means that no detail is lost
  • combination of vignettes and full bleed images works really well- highlights some nice elements of the stories that had been lost in the full bleed images
  • use of shadows is nice- but could have been more exaggerated/ experimented with

Con’s :

  • method of photographing is very rigid, just straight on looking at the sculptures- no close ups or unusual angles- leaves nothing to the imagination and makes the reader feel very separated from the environment
  • been shot against plain colour backgrounds- but random colours which do not compliment eachother and appear to hold no significance to the narrative
  • can see the sculptures rising from books, just shows them in a very obvious way and not as worlds themselves
  • whilst the sculptures themselves are beautiful- something is lost in them being translated to 2D images and this what i want to avoid- when Su Blackwells work becomes 2d it becomes less enchanting and interesting- not what i want to happen

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