This week i submitted my Animation to the RSA Animate competition, i was pleased with the outcome of my animation although it was simple in style i hope it encompassed some of the magic that the RSA were looking for in their brief. In order to submit the animation i also had to prepare a PDF of 10 scans of my research/ sketchbook pages. I found though that alot of my research was practical, in the actual creation of the scenes and props so i included a range of photographs in my pdf also which i hope is ok, but its the best way for me to show the development of my animation from a watercolour storyboard to a real moving stop motion. below are images from my PDF file and i believe judging is in May so i simply am sitting and hoping for the best at the moment 🙂 Whilst i appreciate that i am not an animator, and my animation was very simple in technique, i hope it gives the RSA judges a giggle or smile of amusement. We were also asked to include 250 words about our BIG IDEA 🙂 this was great because i’ve been wanting to explain the thinking and context behind why i created an animation in this way, please read below:

The “Big Idea”

The idea behind the animation I have created for Curiosity” by Ian Leslie, is supported by two ideas. The first is the idea that curiosity is something you are born with, and have in abundance as a child, for the example the imaginative play a child has with inanimate objects and toys and this can be harder to harness as an adult. Therefore this animation aims to reunite adults with that childlike curiosity and fun through the use of inanimate objects and humorous scenes. The second subject that inspired this animation was ideas of kitsch culture; it is bright, gaudy and quite memorable, even if you don’t find it particularly tasteful. Elements of kitsch culture combined with elements of childhood in this animation are what I hope will bring some magic to the piece. The sets are made from scratch, something which I had never attempted; therefore the talk itself inspired me to be curious with my materials and techniques and I researched stop motion sets from creators like Creature Comforts and Tim Burton’s Coraline. The choice to use stop motion animation was inspired by the animations by “A Town Called Panic” and the humour in how the characters moved and interacted with their surroundings helped form the movements of the characters in this animation. Above all, the idea behind this animation was to inspire curiosity by reminding viewers how curious they were as children, and that it’s still possible to have this much fun as an adult, I certainly did making it. J

rsa1 rsa2 rsa3 rsa4 rsa5 rsa6 rsa7 rsa8 rsa9 rsa10


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