On monday we set to work producing the finished edition of our publication 🙂 This was a much easier day due to us having ironed out most of the important decisions the previous week, Julianna and I had created the vector file to laser cut the cover on friday, so that it was ready to cut today. We had all brought in our finished pages, and it was this day that we decided for certain to have a mix of A4 and A5 pages (although it was technically A4 and A3 because most of the pages were double page spreads). So we set to work photocopying our sheets and met for discussions throughout the day to critique our work and make necessary changes. At 4 pm Sam, Domenika and I went to cut out the covers using the laser cutter, and risograph the cover inserts. during this time we left the rest of the group to begin producing the copies of the pages. Some were done when we returned but it was then had a discussion because another type of paper had been recommended and we could pick some up in the morning (deadline day) and create the book pages on that then, this worried some of us because it felt like not enough time but after voting most of the group wanted the more high quality paper. So heather picked some up in the morning and on tuesday Domenika and Koye made the copies of all of our pages whilst everyone else folded them and began compiling them into books, this was a good task because we all had jobs to do and were organised and it felt because we were making solid progress the group atmosphere was much calmer and relaxed.

When putting the pages together into the book covers, we discussed having them all in different orders or in the same order, we decided collectively it would make more sense to create identical editions due to some pages not working as well against others, and this caused less aggravation. After compliling the books we got needles and binding thread and each sewed a book together (minus the men folk who did not seem as keen on this task) during this i was very pleased to learn how to bind as i hadn’t done it before 🙂 it was much simpler than i thought and i really enjoyed the finality of this and seeing a finished working publication. It was a very satisfying feeling seeing the 11 finished editions of our research publication ( 11 so we had an extra to give to Mireille)

below are progress images of the final production:

11050289_10155388068740151_5358623939556130302_n 11060299_10155388067750151_833805813548454626_n 11042997_10155388066620151_284086236660728246_n 11034260_10155388067320151_4344976354542725148_n 11000526_10155388066820151_7322392324918677516_n 10981612_10155388068115151_6127533105455105788_n 10373666_10155388068350151_6936833916070565893_n 1505615_10155388065710151_8793340745971614838_n 14686_10155388065545151_5972887640171452158_n


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