Now it was time to exhibit our research publications to other people in the Art & Design Building, this was a nice end to the project because it gave us a chance to relax and get feedback from other people in the building, whilst enjoying looking at the finished product. We decided to exhibit the 10 copies quite simply, in a line on a long desk in the center of the room in the order of one closed, one open to an interesting page, and one closed and so on. We also kept the offcuts of the letters from the laser cutter to use as table decoration, although because the table was wood these did not show up very well, if we had more time i think we would have spray painted them the same fluorescent colour as the inside covers of the books. I think we could have been more imaginative with the display, but by displaying them simply ( like not hanging up anything) people could easily have a thumb through them at their own leisure. Below are images from the exhibition:

11034216_10155388066245151_2997874757572398697_n 10476456_10155388066020151_5235519061245025554_n 10405513_10155388065910151_5950880898973867199_n 14686_10155388065545151_5972887640171452158_n 1505615_10155388065710151_8793340745971614838_n

In terms of evaluating this weeks project, it definitely provided the necessary boost to our FMP’s which had become a little stale over the weeks. I think taking this week out to look at eachothers progress and research has given me new ideas i would not have had necessarily, and i have enjoyed learning how to create a publication and especially how to bind a book ( as i came up from an FDA in Fine Art, i had not previously learn this) and also, as i need to create a dummy book in my FMP i now have a better idea of what this is. This week has also personally, taught me a bit about working in a creative team, whilst i have done group work before and work in a team in my part time job, a creative team is more highly strung i have found and more passionate about their work, which can be hard when trying to find compromises.  Though after a few heated debates we got on the same page and put the task before our differences and we created something that is much better than i expected, i am now considering this may be a nice way to compile our research in an end of year show. and the title we chose:

“Getting Started”

says it all really, because thats what we are doing with our research, we are in the process of beginning to discover what our FMP’s will be about, and getting started implies everything in that book is a work in progress, but it shows our progress growing together and becoming a collective and this is a nice way to bond us as a class, whereas before in our FMP’s we have been quite cut off from eachother. I did find this week quite stressful with some of the altercations but it has been worth it to gain some valuable experience in what working in a passionate creative team could be like. Mireille has been a great help and has quelled some brewing arguments spectacularly, and encouraged us to talk and explore more together as a team.


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