We created 2 Dummy books for this project, and improved on both of them to create the final book ( that we proceeded to create 10 copies of for the exhibition)

the first dummy book:

  • this was based on a book we saw in the collection of books Mireille provided us with to look at. It had a half cover and a selection of different sized pages and sections. We tried the half cover thing but this was an hour task and it was not very successful and we decided that its not the aim to copy an existing good version, but create our own
  • our pages were also more like a catalogue than interesting images and text, and we decided the compositions needed to be more experimental
  • we also had not entirely on purpose made our work into sections, this is something we needed to avoid in our next dummy book

11046203_10155388069860151_6785462219519165436_n 10420766_10155388070205151_9200153969224045965_n 1509092_10155388070475151_6869495136924676250_n 10711028_10155388069360151_4161059354988484115_n

(this is the book we looked at for inspiration)

The second dummy book we made we created also had its problems but it was a good follow on from the last and looked far more interesting:

  • it was in this dummy book we decided to have a cut out font on the cover
  • we also decided to have a combination of A4 & A5 pages, to give more interest
  • we also tried combining our pages together which worked much better
  • we had alot of conflict during the making of this book, in which we discovered it is not an easy task to combine 10 peoples work with no issues! but we talked for quite a while and all made some compromises, whether they were willing or not.
  • We also found during this dummy book, that whilst we liked all different papers we did not have enough resources to create 10 copies using all different papers, so we compromised by finding a higher quality printer paper that we were mainly all happy with using, and just used a few different types of paper on odd pages where it fitted in with the imagery.
  • we had a minor altercation over binding methods, but we decided that this should be put aside til all 10 books are assembled and we can discuss it then based upon what would be best depending on the thickness/ asthetics of the books

I changed my pages from the first dummy book, and at first i was happy with them until experimenting with the photocopier and seeing that there was much more i could do with them to make them more abstract and less like a catalogue of flat imagery. below is the evolution of my pages.

10517500_10155388071320151_3723982292760751901_n 10930094_10155388071855151_7090169895754453421_n

first try- using pink to reference my kitsch influences

book 4 book1 book3 book2

second try- i much preferred these because i layered up my research – but found the text was too opressive of the imagery and perhaps it could be abstracted further

10476456_10155388066020151_5235519061245025554_n 11024800_10155388179105151_3149134270866561754_n

these were two that i used, i think they look much better 🙂 and the addition of moving the text to the other side of the image made it less overlapped and stifling over the images themselves, also the cropping looked quite effective.


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