I have decided to experiment with using the laser cutter to create some scenery for the miniature installations i am producing for “Alice in Wonderland”, i am currently being influenced in these installation designs by the surreal set designs of David Hockey, therefore i am experimenting with obscure shapes and patterns to create surreal representations of trees and forest life. I am also going to create some of the objects for my set like the small queen of hearts inspired gate i have designed… i think having little touches in the scenes will provide an element of “magic” especially for my young target audience. If you look back at my scene plans/ designs, what i will be laser cutting for each of them is as follows:

Scene 1- Down the rabbit hole:

  • the wood panels with decorative patterns and book shelves cut out x 4
  • delicate paper tree roots to embed in the soil

Scene 2- Alice meets the caterpillar:

  • surreal tree shapes
  • wooden gate

Scene 3- Mad hatters tea party:

  • surreal tree shapes
  • wooden gate

I have decided to use 3.6mm plywood- as it is thin enough to not cause the laser cutter any problems but sturdy enough to withstand having things hung from them/ leaning on them in the installations. also its thick enough that i can engrave deeply without going through to the other side 🙂 at first i was considering painting them, but after seeing some cut out i really like the organic feel to them, it contrasts the surreal shapes in an interesting manner and the texture looks much more appealing in plain wood.  I will cut the tree roots for the 1st scene from thick paper though, because i would like to manipulate them weaving around the set

I first drew out my designs, and went round them with fine liner to ensure when i scanned them i didn’t lose any detail:

11070256_10155401490955151_5904448987582299272_n (1) 11001725_10155401492335151_6736783620984398484_n 11046848_10155401488200151_5609258806089653568_n 11006419_10155401491710151_8185714780683941207_n 10250257_10155401489585151_915192130149277318_n 10384727_10155401488845151_4437837699468021530_n (2) 1508559_10155401490210151_3499383500602864558_n

( i’ve found that the intricate mark making- is quite complicated to get engraved because some overlap but it looks good so its worth it!)

It takes quite a long time to engrave the pieces, therefore the pieces that just need cutting like the gate and the roots are quicker, below are the first two that have been cut out:

gate 11046524_10155402997590151_1516501206712972545_n


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