Following on from my previous post- i am continuing my installation building experiments by today creating the scene for page 3 of “Alice in Wonderland” in which Alice falls down the rabbit hole, in contention with this i am continuing with the idea of boycotting reference to character and allowing the scene itself to tell the story and immerse the reader in the world of wonderland.

I originally was going to use wooden “Bookshelf” laser cut pieces in this scene combined with soil and other organic elements + found objects, but since experimenting with ink illustrations inspired by Ellen Leber, i have decided to try this first.

What i want to achieve from this set and its accompanying photographs is:

  • a sense of great depth, like you can look to the bottom of the rabbit hole and see the room in which Alice finds the key and the door, but this shouldn’t be totally in focus because the journey down the hole and the objects she sees are equally as important.
  • a modern take of the rabbit hole, infused with found objects and kitsch influence
  • this will hopefully improve my photoshop skills also as i practice and practice for the editing process to make the images ready for print / send off
  • a surreal entrance into wonderland

i was originally going to make my image of viewing the hole from an outsiders perspective, viewing it from the front, but then i decided to put the viewer in the mind of the character and have them view it from above as if they are falling down the rabbit hole:

This was quite a hard perspective to photograph- as the depth of field caused not all areas to be in focus, this is where i increased my photoshop skills by cropping several images together of different depths, to ensure as much focus as possible.

_DSC1129 _DSC1125


this is the “hole” itself in plain form, i used indian ink on watercolour paper to paint obscure “rock” like shapes, to give the abstract interpretation of the soil in the hole, i quite liked how they showed depth aswell, being that they were larger near the top and got smaller towards the bottom of the hole.

So to respond to the narrative on this page (3) it suggests that the hole had lots of shelves with maps, books and a jar of orange marmalade on, now this i was able to deliver through kitsch dolls house miniatures and i think gave a really nice contrast to the stark black and white. I also made the door and the table for the key in the same style as the hole- for consistency.


to make the shelves i painted the shapes with ink in a loose style similar to that of the hole and then cut slits in the hole and pushed them through.

10516674_10155430103130151_2911325024610096294_n 10451681_10155430102555151_3279417431081722329_n 10351608_10155430102875151_6854332879756205742_n 541703_10155430102315151_5873904486260182832_n (1)

_DSC1133 _DSC1134
_DSC1136 _DSC1140 _DSC1150 _DSC1154 _DSC1162 _DSC1212Above are my progress images, in creating this installation i learn alot more about how to photograph such a big depth of field, and how to use photoshop more accurately and i’m surprised at the outcome as it is nothing like my original idea, but this is better because its evolved from process and idea as opposed to just flat idea.

When i looked back at the brief, it specifies the need for a book COVER and 2 internal images, so i decided to create the other 2 images and then look at which one would be most successful to turn into a cover image.


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