I have submitted my final images to the YCN Student Design Awards and won’t be hearing anything until the judging in June, but i remembered in the YCN industry friday talk that Jennie and Doris had said it was ok to email them asking advice and showing them work πŸ™‚ so i decided to do just that with my final images and ask their opinions on the style and context and what improvements they could suggest. I was so pleased to receive a reply and it has some excellent tips in especially surrounding the photography of the work. I am not an experienced photographer and it was quite a learning curve for me and i felt i could have used some professional advice on this and Jennie replied saying that she liked where the style was going but to try perhaps getting some help to improve the “slickness” of the photography. I will definitely be doing this for the second half of my FMP and i really appreciated her advice πŸ™‚

She also sent me some artists i might be interested in and i especially love the look of Alice Bowsher and Hattie Newman, I have found that asking professional advice is a very informative and eye opening way of critiqueing my work, and recieving advice from industry professionals is very valuable to someone just starting out and i am veyr grateful for any feedback.

below is the email:

Hi Megan,

Ever so sorry for the delay here. Thanks so much for sending your work across – did you enter it in the Student Awards?
Some really interesting ideas here, I think 3D is working well for you and I really like your hand rendered props and set designs. I think it’s important to make sure that the quality of photography lives up to the visual work you’ve done, perhaps you could work with a photographer or someone on a photography course to ensure it looks really slick in the future?
Below are some links of artists that work in 3D that you might find interesting.
Alice Bowsher
Anna Lomax
Hattie Newman
I wish you all the best with your work – it’s looking good!

Jennie Webber
Shop, Library & Events Manager

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