Mireille Fauchon came to spend the week with us and help us on the research publication project, in this time we got to speak to her and get to know her on an informal level but we also attended her talk which was specifically about her practice. This was really interesting because i hadn’t previously seen her work and especially the lino prints were astounding, also it was really interesting to see her project “The Prince of Zenda” in which she used archiving to illustrate a story of a fictional land, and spent 18 months researching artifacts and creating artifacts that allowed the audience to believe this fictional world might exist in real life. She was very in depth with her research and that has encouraged me to explore the history section of the library more and just become more interactive with the artifacts within the narrative- alice in wonderland.

She was born in south London but she has family in a remote village in Goa ( i hope i remembered the right place) it was here she visited to learn about folk tales she’d heard as a child, in order to create responses to them which she did in a book she created in university. She created lino print responses and they were visually very stunning and had alot of emotion in them, below are some examples:

lake_1_mireille_fauchon lake_2_mireille_fauchon (1) lake_3_mireille_fauchon lake_4_mireille_fauchon (1)

these were the images she had created that i enjoyed the most, i hadn’t seen lino cut used in this way before with such deliberate mark making. And her use of black and white gives a real atmosphere to the narratives being shown.


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