For part of my final display, i’d like to have a dummy book to show how my story would work in book form for the sake of showing a publisher, whilst i do not want a finished book because this is not something i could show to a publisher, a rough book is a good thing to have.  I’ve found two articles online about book creation that have proved useful:



From these articles, i have seen that a 32 page book ( most common for children’s books) will actually only have 12 spreads ( 24 single side pages) to tell your story because in a “self ended book” pages 1,2,3 and 30,31,32 will serve as ends, for things like the cover, back cover, title page and a blank page or copywrite page. below is an image of how to plot out your dummy book’s pages, i will be creating several dummy books in order to work out where my illustrations would go in relation to the story and how it would flow, but i will ask Rachel for further advice as this is the first dummy book i will be making:

selfends4 spreadspages copy


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