Since experimenting with using 2D ink illustrations and found objects separately, i am now going to test out how i could use them together and whether the contrast would be interesting, or too much of a mish-mash. I am experimenting before i decide on how to create my final illustrations for the YCN brief which is important in order to give the best interpretation of my ideas with the most interesting and atmospheric context.

I’ve been influenced to experiment with combining all of the elements by the work of Pip and Pop’s installation pieces, they combine mountains made of multi-coloured sugar and colour pigment with found objects and hand made wire elements to create vast diverse landscapes that are so contrasting it shouldn’t go- but it really does. Below are some examples of their work, they are an Australian Duo who have made many galaxy like installations on a large scale and have been exhibited worldwide. I have been influenced to experiment with my range of chosen materials and objects, not so much to use their materials but to use the loose and free method of creation, moving things around and trying new compositions for days on end sometimes before they feel the environments created are right.

_DSC3147 6a00d8341ca70953ef01761735bb9d970c-500wi pip-pop-we-miss-you-magic-land-2012-482x298 Untitled-1-6

Below are my experiments: and whilst creating sets with all of the elements i found that whilst the wood worked really well in the “mad hatters” themed set and the “caterpillar” set, it didn’t work so well in the set themed around “Down the rabbit hole” but there were enough elements of found objects in that set design that they seem to fit together quite well.  there were some instances where the wooden tree shapes kept going in an out of focus, but this created some interesting effects, also when they were lit in different ways:

11078009_10155430104995151_1279265582732819590_n 1607034_10155430104835151_5939920272858575137_n

i found this didn’t work well, this may have been because i designed these wooden pieces to fit my original design, but whilst experimenting with creating an inky hole background, i found it worked better without the wood because it felt less busy and more modern.


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