I have been preparing to shoot the chosen scenes for the YCN Alice brief, i have created several laser cut pieces to act as props in these along with found objects, kitsch objects and organic material such as soil and plants. I have also been experimenting with lighting, seeing as i would like to shoot these scenes at night in order to give a darker more mysterious vibe to the imagery. This has been influenced because nowhere in the story of Alice in Wonderland is a time of day mentioned, therefore i have decided to go down a previously untested route of creating night time scenes.

I have started by experimenting with creating a scene depicting the page in the story where alice meets the caterpillar on top of his mushroom, i have omitted characters from my scenes because i think it leaves more room for imagination and interpretation- e.g. have the characters already been to the scene or have they not yet arrived? I created this scene in a garden using the materials below:

  • a variety of english plants- referencing where the story was created
  • smashed tile to create a jagged wild path
  • small battery powered LED lights for dim lighting
  • a kitsch mushroom shaped tea light holder
  • wooden laser cut “tree” interpretations and a wooden “Queen of hearts” inspired gate
  • soil and rocks and other organic matter

I experimented with day time shots with the brightness turned down on the camera- but found these were unsuccessful and didnt give the right atmosphere:

_DSC1028 _DSC1040 _DSC1043 _DSC1047

By shooting them in daylight with the darkness turned down i found that it looks unnatural and i was unable to create any interesting shadows as artificial lighting didn’t really show up- so i waited an hour or so for it to be dark outside and then went back outside armed with torches, i then experimented with moving the lighting around, doing some uplighting which didn’t work very well from the torches but the LED lights gave a nice whimsical effect. I found the best lighting was from above at the back of the set, for it created the most interesting areas of light and shade but i also liked using one light source from either side, which created shadows in the somewhat threatening curves of the wooden trees. below are my progress images:

_DSC1054 _DSC1058 _DSC1060 _DSC1061 _DSC1062 _DSC1064 _DSC1065 _DSC1066 _DSC1067 _DSC1069 _DSC1072 _DSC1075 _DSC1077 _DSC1079 _DSC1080 _DSC1082 _DSC1084 _DSC1086


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