I have previously been considering creating scenes and photographing them, using a combination of found objects, organic materials and laser cut wooden elements. But i have been inspired by Ellen Leber’s monochrome paper scenes to create a simple scene from paper, and i’m now torn between the two ideas because i feel that this style of working (with paper and indian ink and paper cutting) feels much more mature and contemporary, yet still fun and i really like how it worked out. I also like it combined with one of the found objects and i have taken several photographs of this experiment. I am going to try making all 3 scene ideas in this way as well as the way i intended before, so i have two sets of images to chose from when deciding what to submit to the YCN, i will also show my course mates and ask their opinions on which they prefer.

13517_10155427312280151_1652556907567180793_n 17824_10155427316225151_1027231190678704187_n 1517397_10155427315025151_4756552647054760754_n 1534316_10155427315300151_4457964125095528085_n 1926871_10155427314925151_533397189719851202_n 10314494_10155427321485151_6539655025853981121_n 10422257_10155427313940151_7931361608477430361_n 10428705_10155427316590151_6889789063800917509_n 10606469_10155427316465151_4641397167562317217_n 10615995_10155427315480151_8827005907374483731_n 10645165_10155427313015151_1444082976940298204_n 10653737_10155427314455151_809450785804931093_n 11013577_10155427313630151_1779589858748652044_n 11014275_10155427314100151_8910889236768762176_n 11024631_10155427313330151_8185953513100431064_n 11032763_10155427312525151_7201852714707009872_n 11036946_10155427314290151_2067156071247780592_n 11036946_10155427314785151_2102190320865123917_n 11051919_10155427313810151_2368088702507795482_n 11053064_10155427321610151_484276477861321964_n 11053601_10155427312750151_3505717706431504001_n 11069209_10155427315640151_5325554466242852938_n 11070163_10155427312635151_967251333491241092_n 11074266_10155427321720151_8763772598999637400_n 11074724_10155427315845151_9210847377496816964_n 11076210_10155427321295151_219166715684017625_n (1)


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