As i intend on creating 6 full bleed illustrations and up to 6 vignette illustration i have been thinking about pivotal scenes in the story that would be interesting to represent, so far i have read through the story several times and some of the more stand out scenes are:

1. the first scene in which the king discovers the girls sleepy in their room with ruined shoes

2. the scene where the man meets the elderly lady on the way to the castle

3. the scene where the girls go down the stairs to the underground kingdom

4. when the man pours his drink into the plant pot

5. the scene where the princesses enter the boats and cross the lake

6. dancing at the palace across the lake

7. the princesses being followed by the man in a magic cloak

8. the mans collection of items from the underground world (vignette maybe)

9. the youngest princess realising they are being followed

10. the scene where the princesses come clean to the king

11. the princesses doing chores to pay for their shoes? (idea~)

Vignette ideas:

1. close up of pile of ruined shoes

2. close up of famed tree’s of diamond, gold, and silver

3. wine in plant pot


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