So now i have edited and submitted my final 3 images to the YCN Pan Macmillan Student Design Awards, choosing the final images was tough and i sent a selection to my classmates and asked for their opinions, as well as asking the opinions of the public on social media. I am confident that my choices display the best of what i could do with my concept and skills, although perhaps i will now work on furthering my photoshop skills as i had some trouble with the tea party image and depth of field focusing. I have learnt alot about lighting and photography in this half of my project, which will be great for preparing me to create 6-8 new sets/ installations/ images for my feminist-driven “12 Dancing Princesses” interpretation. In my experiments during this half of the fmp, i originally designed very rigid ideas of how i wanted the sets to look, whilst i did not stick to these i am glad i created them, because by presenting myself with a rigid design i then looked for solutions during construction when it didn’t go quite right and then i was met with many happy accidents and new discoveries. I’ve found that i best develop new ideas through doing, but for me to be comfortable to begin doing i like to have a plan which i then break all of the rules on 🙂 but this is a good thing, because i am finding how i best work and how i come up with new concepts and creative solutions. A huge thing for me has definitely been lighting practice, because when i originally tried to set the scene outside, in the dark i found huge issues which were a challenge to over come, also when trying to create an image with lots of depth i learnt to crop them together digitally and play around with composition. I received advice from the YCN during this project when they came to talk at Industry Friday. I showed them my current experiments after the talk and they loved the idea of 3D representations of wonderland, so i hope they like my outcomes 🙂 I found it difficult creating the “book cover” illustration, because i already had 3 images i liked very much just as images, i chose to use the rabbit hole image for the cover because i think its the most shocking and “out there” and i created another illustration to go around it, to create space for text and the Macmillan Logo which was a specification.

If i could chose, i would’ve liked no text over the image because i think its more successful, and choosing a font was very difficult and i am personally not keen on the one i have chosen but after man hours of searching, trying to design my own and researching existing book covers i decided on quite a masculine font with sharp edges, to contrast the wavey surrealism of the hole.

final tea party final mushroom cover idea without macmillan no text

Here is the one with text:

cover for alice idea

I didn’t want the text to stand out too much, but i do think having text over the image dampens my chances of being selected in the competition. This half of my project though has taught me a valuable lesson about how hard it is to create a successful book cover, and i will take this into account and research it further for my next half of the project


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