This week we had a group tutorial with Rachel Lillie, this was a good chance to get feedback at face value because this Rachel does not know the ins and outs of our FMP’s like Rachel Gannon does. I did find this a bit more difficult to explain my aims and i was unsure of what direction i should be going in by the end but after thinking about the feedback and looking back over my current work i understand Rachel’s comments 🙂

Some comments on my current work- especially regarding the current scene i had created:

  • my current character designs are too similar to the original Alice in wonderland, and it has been deemed that the scenes work best without the use of characters at all because they distract from the atmosphere and don’t really fit.
  • the first scene i experimented with, was too safe and cutesy- to remedy i could play more with scale and create more contrasts in scale
  • think more about what objects i am sourcing
  • try using paper-cutting in the scenes to create more depth and a more surreal atmosphere

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