So far in my FMP i have been researching and creating test scenes for my Alice in Wonderland Illustrations for the Pan Macmillan Brief, i have had some good feedback and some interesting new ideas on what is and is not working with my current experiments and in order to move forward into my illustrations i must consider each element of my feedback carefully and consider how i should be progressing in my work.

From my tutorial with Rachel Lillie- she felt i had been too safe in my experiments and had created quite a twee first scene idea, i agree with this after studying my images i had created and after showing them to Rachel Gannon she confirmed that in order for me to create a wonderland, i must go futher and more surreal with my work and play more heavily with scale in order to create something that is not too “cutesy”. I was quite concerned at first with this feedback because i was unsure with how in which to progress, or even if by building these sets i was going in the right direction at all and i momentarily considered returning to flat drawing for this brief, but after speaking with Jennie and Doris from the YCN and showing them a few of my images from the set experiment, they liked where i was going and said that it was different and the sort of thing Pan Macmillan were actually looking for. 

I think i do have something with this whole idea of interpreting imagery as something that can be 3D and 2D at the same time, but i need to embrace the idea of being more experimental with my materials and not be afraid to make mistakes by doing outrageous things. I think i had focused too much on the realistic quality i thought the scenes needed, when what i am really trying to create is farthest from realistic as possible. 

i am going to lose some of the cutesty elements, try incorporating larger and smaller props along with things that show off my drawing skills because i do not wish to leave them completely behind in this project. Also i mentioned previously that i would like to try setting my illustrations at night because nowhere in the story of alice, when she is in wonderland does it mention a time of day and this would be a new take on it. I also discussed with Jennie and Doris the idea i have of not representing any characters at all in my illustrations, allowing the scenes to speak for themselves and the reader to imagine themselves interacting with them, as opposed to having what is happening spelled out infront of them with static imagery of characters and they thought this might be an interesting idea to pursue, and it also allows me to avoid traditional stereotypes of what the characters in Alice in Wonderland look like by avoiding them all together and using the landscape to tell the story. 


  • experimenting more with scale
  • incorporating more surreal elements into my scenes by either drawing, digitally or sourcing of more unusual props
  • incorporate my drawing skills into the scenes as an experiment
  • try to be less influenced by existing interpretations of the well known story
  • try setting the scenes at night time
  • GENERALLY BE MORE EXPERIMENTAL & FREE-  like i have been in the design lab workshops!

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