Today i began creating my first scene for the YCN brief- the things i had to keep in mind were:

  • my target audience of girls aged 5-9& their parents- so the scene needs to be child friendly and fun and as its aimed at girls i think a certain amount of pretty wouldn’t go amiss πŸ™‚
  • keeping to the original story of Alice in wonderland- but with new and interesting ways of expressing the scenes and ideas
  • a fresh approach to the story
  • include a use of kitsch & my own way of working, in order to represent my ideas

I am creating this scene using 3D found objects and kitsch objects combined with my own drawing & photography. I have gathered a selection of kitschy dollhouse miniatures as mentioned in my previous post, and i have also created a small character version of Alice, using a combination of photography and drawing. Yet i am still unsure of whether to represent characters physically at all, because the image of Alice is so well known, i am inclined to not show any characters in the scenes and allow the scenes to speak for themselves and children to imagine the characters they know so well interacting with the scenes whilst reading, thus allowing them to make decisions about how characters would look thus giving them the chance to stretch their imaginations.

To create this first scene i created a dining table using some kitsch fabric with fluffy trim, a variety of different chairs and many different tea sets, 2 had been chosen based upon their victorian floral patterns because of their relevance to the time of Lewis Carroll when the story was originally written, and the pastel coloured one is to add the kitsch i love to add into my work. I also decided the chairs should not just be sat around the table, so some are hung from the trees to give that extra surreal touch. The story dictates that the table was heavily laden with tea things, and this i have adhered too by creating a table thats very full of colourful tea things and cakes. the chairs range from a brightly coloured tacky pink armchair coated in pearlised paint, gingham chairs and a rocking chair, and a chair made from a cotton reel with a comfy cushion on top. I have tried to play with scale in this scene, because the story of Alice in wonderland suggests a surreal take on scale, the plants are large and overbearing on the scene, as are the leaves on the floor and the size of the flowers.

I really enjoyed creating this, i created this scene outside because i liked the idea of a realistic flooring that my target audience will recognize, because these connections to real life objects will make the fantasy world all that easier to enter when looking at the illustrations.

For lighting, this is something i would like to revisit in order to shoot the final illustration for editing because in the story, there is no mention of the time of day; therefore i’d like to experiment with setting the scenes at night time because this has not been done previously and i would like to try and create some “magic” at night time with the use of LED lights and doll house lights.

I have also been considering the necessary image sizes for following the brief which areΒ 270mm (H) and 215mm (W) so i have been creating some images to this size to see how it looks πŸ™‚

below are some edited/ unedited pictures of my progress today, i’ve experimented with a range of editing techniques and filters/ layers to see whether a very surreal take on my images would still appeal to my target audience and i will ask my peers advice on this thursday during tutorials.

1483217_10155305498760151_1996451973748188107_n 1512836_10155305522540151_542698043944610055_n 1546005_10155305495285151_3208809781211115202_n 10258283_10155305522365151_6473954603482407183_n 10494582_10155305517340151_5255574503908307487_n 10665711_10155305533055151_2860569939846445147_n 10850193_10155305521300151_301794591894840243_n 10502539_10155305497690151_3178387933198748398_n 10897009_10155305517205151_448951828822784429_n 11002625_10155305518195151_4896160277243629194_n 11007750_10155305498120151_5967016713803750584_n 10959319_10155305522750151_109571437127026503_n

These above are the unedited images and progress images of testing out different places in the garden for setting up the scene πŸ™‚ Below are the edited images:

tea party 1 tea party 2 tea party 4 - Copy tea party 5 tea party 6 tea party 7 tea party 8 tea party 10 tea party 11 mad hatters tea party 1 tea party 1 tea party 2 tea party 3 tea party 4 tea party 5 alice try 1 alice try


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