For a quick experiment, i wanted to explore using premade patterned paper in my work to see how it effects the atmosphere i create in the scenes. Also i wanted to play with the idea of characters being absent from the scenes, to see if the scenes are still iconic without the use of physical beings. I created a scene representing the “painting the roses red” scene using a mixture of printed pixel textured bushes- to represent the Queen of Heart’s maze, a chequeured green floor for a surreal themed “Grass” and a combination of photograph “tree” with miniature kitsch roses from a wedding hat shop painting drippily with dark red paint, i also used found objects like peanut shells to create a texture around the bottom of the bushes representing soil.

21214_10155297920980151_1207109832008279004_n 1654167_10155297621840151_4380889033474096847_n 10418163_10155297918250151_2451826499099940920_n (1) 10418163_10155297918250151_2451826499099940920_n 10676266_10155297917980151_2861318583734197256_n 10806473_10155297918415151_3925963649285493879_n 10959450_10155297919190151_8314196225238257813_n 10978513_10155297917170151_8643783098563576459_n 10978633_10155297919465151_2765398756839757204_n 10978652_10155297917550151_7351350522760772619_n 10980701_10155297622090151_6003615930543803181_n 10981861_10155297917805151_2443470878196463810_n (1) 10981861_10155297917805151_2443470878196463810_n

i like this one above, because of the shadows and the textures being more visible 🙂

10989131_10155297919835151_5007130186256071347_n 10991107_10155297921170151_5814405207816817346_n 10991143_10155297918950151_7890270683686423623_n 10991363_10155297920175151_5721053707877246244_n 10994171_10155297919665151_3937957310565598552_n 10999108_10155297918765151_7246741549899829756_n 11001785_10155297918630151_1004301299580773625_n

this one looks a bit creepy with the saturated colours, but i like the idea of photographing a section of the scene as opposed to the whole thing


After creating this set, i received feedback to avoid pre made patterns because they distracted from the scenes, i agree because this set looked too busy with patterned paper on the sky and the floor, combined with the textures used in the plants. I also added a kitsch glittery flamingo to represent the croquet mallets, but this is in the background to create a small kitschy element of fun to the scene. I preferred this scene unlit and photographed in the dark, because the textures looked more interesting.


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