In design lab four we were split into groups and given a brief to create a book cover illustration and a title credit’s for a film πŸ™‚ we could chose from a list provided of all provocative and iconic films and books. The group i was in chose the book “Frankenstein” & “Psycho” for the film, this was ironically the same choice as many of the other groups but i think it was because they were the most well known and we all had seen/ read them. For the book cover, our creation didn’t go as well as we had hoped because in our creative freedom we forgot the fundamental thing that book covers are normally landscape! but we created text in an interesting manner and i think it was a good warm up for creating the title credits that went much better. I found in these design labs that each week i am becoming much more free and expressive with what i and the groups are creating. This week for the title credits we did something even we did not expect, we started thinking about Psycho and the obvious thing to represent was the blood dripping, but we decided to focus on the shower scene where the water goes down the plughole and we played with the idea of putting water in a clear plastic file and sealing it. We then used this over the overhead projector to create new and unusual textures and this was really fun to experiment with. We then followed on from water to thinking about how hair goes down a plughole ( gross but definitely abstract). We all decided that to create the typography for the credits, we would use our own hair to create an example of the bottom of the bath in an abstract way, referencing an iconic scene in the film without giving away its bloody thriller nature. I think this was really successful and we all bonded as a group over this activity and we found it really fun and interesting to work in such a free minded and crazy manner! I hope i can be this crazy and free in my FMP, but i find it much easier when you are surrounded by the encouragement of your group and i really liked my groups outcomes πŸ™‚

below are some photographs from the day and the finished title credits

10476301_798158470256585_3815556017607072389_o 10933707_798158100256622_6792724560841914881_n 18409_10155297626000151_6034416970941270383_n 10320554_10155297624980151_9044394483208124258_n 10320571_10155297625615151_7076977705873580609_n 10945578_10155224556895151_2201889161147222565_n 10984060_10155297626215151_4410999437685417961_n 10981846_10155297623775151_6287580867306673445_n 10978693_10155297622750151_6764576346464742368_n 10943705_10155297626570151_5782280116809052157_n 10347625_10155297622315151_6343264916658961566_n 10991413_10155297624155151_2845080111081541955_n 10986853_798158443589921_112450880607634819_n 10993429_10155297623175151_5157455773080530114_n 10996668_10155297622900151_7347549171838832886_n 10997505_10155297624645151_5012207382707633418_n


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