My FMP idea has changed from the first look at FMP proposals in december, and this is due to research and discovery of a competition brief that will now become part of my FMP. Rachel sent us an email with the YCN student briefs for 2015 in and there was one for Macmillan to create a cover illustration and 2 inside illustrations for Alice in Wonderland. As i love this story and i am to enter children’s book illustration in the future and the brief is to only create 3 illustrations, this is an excellent warm up to my FMP main part which involves redesigning the classic Grimms Fairytale- the 12 Dancing Princesses (with a feminist twist to the ending). Therefore i will spend the first 4 out of 17 weeks of this project, on the YCN Alice Brief and the other 13 weeks on “The 12 Dancing Princesses”. What i have left open for experimentation is how i will create these illustrations, what materials and methods i will use and how my final outcomes will be displayed. below is a scan of my first FMP tutorial with my weekly goals on it, and ideas for further research.


Below is the timeplan i have created, i decided to do a weekly time plan because its more in depth and i work better when faced with stricter weekly deadlines, instead of getting lost in the 17 weeks. I also needed to factor in plenty of time for prints being produced and incase i need a book made which can take a few weeks. Also a weekly one allows me to delegate days to particular aspects of the projects, as i have a part time job on wednesdays i have decided that will be the day i devote to updating my online learning journal, because i arrive home late its a good day for computer work so that i can spend the other days on practical work and experiments. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

My next post will hold the details of the YCN Alice in wonderland brief that will be the first part of my Final Major Project.


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