These are two artists/ illustrators that i found very influential during the RSA Animate project, and i feel they could continue to influence my FMP with how they use their materials and their processes especially. Because i am leaning toward more 3D work translated into 2D photographs for illustrations, their styles and processes are very useful inspiration.

Sam is an illustrator and 3D paper engineer, she has not done any children’s books (although i think her work would look fantastic in that context) even though they would enchant children with the worlds she creates. I enjoyed creating my RSA Sets and the paper set below for Red Riding Hood that she created looks contemporary but child friendly, and captivating and i think she will continue to inspire my FMP. I have been in correspondance with Sam as she lives in Southampton and i’d like to visit her studio during my FMP to learn more about how she photographs her work to get the captivating effects she does.

little_red sam_pierpoint_little_red_riding_hood2 sam_pierpoint_little_red_riding_hood11

Lauren child is a writer and illustrator from the UK, she is best known for the popular children’s books and TV series “Charlie and Lola” but lesser known, she created a rendition of the “Princess and the pea” created using sets and doll house furniture combined with her own drawings. I really love this book, the way the scenes draw you in using clever lighting and shadows to make the images seem like real places and the contrast between drawing and found objects is quite magical. The way she has created this book, is influencing how i will create my own illustrations and i will definitely try to be as creative with lighting and shadows as she has been, i especially like the little details in her scenes like working doll house lights and coving on the walls.

sc00063216 lauren child 4 dsc07336 dd5ffb7f-e7f0-4a08-894b-7f6da21c406c T326 IM CP 25


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