For the Alice brief, i have been thinking about different materials i could use to represent certain characters. For example in terms of the Cheshire cat i like the idea of having a physical object in my set represent this charater, Rachel had mentioned finding a toy cat and painting it to look magical like a cheshire cat, but i have come across a tutorial on youtube about needle felting, a method i have never used before but i think i could create an interesting interpretation of the cheshire cat using this method. Below are some youtube tutorials on how to create simple needle felted animals, and i think they would appeal to my target age group because they look soft and friendly.

Here are some tutorials i will use and today i am going to get a needle felting kit and try making a cheshire cat and maybe some other aspects of the scenes 🙂 below are some examples of needle felted creations of varying skill, mine will be on the lumpier side most likely!

53198839317793311QIXNk6KMc il_340x270.528838748_4ynr needle_felted_sheep211 needle-felted-animal-needle-felted-bunny--felted-r-3 red-fox3


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