This week we had a visitor from VICE magazine to deliver the industry Friday talk, i hadn’t previously heard of VICE magazine, its a printed magazine and a website dedicated to culture, arts and news topics, the man giving our talk was Bruno Bayley who is the main editor for the UK magazine but he also is the managing director for all 8 productions of Vice across Europe. I was very interested to find out that this is an entirely free publication, which i think adds to its appeal when the target group is 18-35 and think its a great way of informing about serious topics with some jokey elements, magazines are dropped off at universities ( i need to have a look for ours!). It was once banned from a university- citing it was too controversial but this is not the case as it have become prevalent in the art and design world. Bruno Bayley also is the photographic editor for the UK magazine, in that he choses and selects photographers and their work to feature in the magazine and online, he spoke about how passionate he was about this area of his job and that it takes a long time to select photos and edit them in order to use them to their full potential in the magazine. There was alot of technical aspects to choosing photographs and how the colour is used/ image quality/ size and composition and this is something as an illustrator you have to think of, i imagine especially in the realms of editorial work but also in book illustration.

Bruno has worked for Vice for 7 years, he spoke about how he has seen it develop from being less hard hitting and rather humorous, to a publication that discusses important social topics, with a little bit of humour still remaining in order to keep the fanbase that has been growing for years.  When looking online at different covers of previous vice magazines i can see how it appears controversial at times, because the cover imagery alone is thought provoking and out of the ordinary, i haven’t actually seen a magazine similar to this that tackles such taboo subjects head on and this is very refreshing. Simply by labelling one cover as the Vice guide to Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll and using some hard hitting imagery they are putting out a publication unlike any other. I imagined it to be quite hard to know what to put in such a publication, for fear of public outcry but regardless this was an interesting talk from a man who has been breaking boundaries on what should and shouldn’t be discussed and has contributed to a publication full of thought provoking and interesting if not slightly taboo articles.

I had not previously looked at the role of editor, but now i am quite intrigued because whilst it must be an enormous responsibility to chose what your readership will see, based upon what you and your team think is important and thought provoking ; it seems like a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to all kinds of people and stories and learn more about the world around you and how to represent it.

1351612175 arts-graphics-2006_1171994a v19n1 vice_01 vicemagazine


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