I have chosen to look at Gail because she has been making paper sculptures and turning them into 2D illustrations for over 20 year, and has many famous clients like Nestle, Kleenex and Macy’s. Whilst i prefer her more subduedly coloured illustrations i have seen this type of illustration used in children’s books often. I would like to try incorporating 3D into children’s illustration like the ones shown below because i think the atmosphere and worlds created by using 3D are more real for children to enter into too, and could bridge the gap between books and television because although the worlds are not moving, the characters look more alive in their surroundings. I also think use of light and shade in 3D illustrations gives a sense of atmosphere and can help set the mood in an illustration, where it is hard to replicate light in traditionally drawn 2D work.

Jonny Thompson Photography for Macy's. Gail Armstrong's illustration 16.8.10 09570349040036847034 b659e9722b6ba1dd95d97b79a991241a 288-421

Though Gails work is finally rendered in pieces of paper that have been carefully cut and glued together, each image she creates begins as a series of drawings. As she explores the compositions and various concepts she focuses on creating something that has both style and substance to it. The result is a photograph of her art work which viewers love to see more than once because you can pore over the colours, textures and patterns used in the final construction.  Paper may seem light a flat medium, but Gail sees it as having the potential to create new worlds with their own look and feel, and its these kinds of new worlds that i am interested in creating


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