For the first half of my FMP i am working on 3 illustrations for Pan Macmillan’s Alice in Wonderland, including a front cover. I would like to do something that has not been done before, and as there are already so many interpretations of this story this will be challenging. Therefore i have researched a selection of existing interpretations to show me what already exists and whether my idea of creating it using lifelike sets and scenes combined with drawn characters, has been done before.

John Tenniel’s  Alice is the most well known and memorable- seconded by Walt Disney’s Alice. There is also the Alice in Wonderland version created by Camille Rose Garcia that is much darker and more surreal that i really like. There is also the version created by Salvador Dali in 1969 commissioned by Random House Press consisting of 12 Illustrations

i haven’t seen a version of Alice in wonderland created yet using 3D objects and photography, so this a good sign but i must be aware of not recreating another style that has been previously used in other versions. I’d like mine to be really surreal and detailed and high saturated colour, to show the influence of narcotics that is believed to be apparent within the story.

below are some examples of existing Alice in wonderland illustrations:

91213-004-7E59AF6F 10383966_404305059720997_5237219291559619964_n alice_in_wonderland17 Alice_par_John_Tenniel_30 alicedali2 aliceinwonderland_popup3 aliceinwonderland_popup4 Alice-In-Wonderland-classic-disney-7662101-720-480 Alice-In-Wonderland-disney-31583061-500-323 new alice v3 alice-wonderland-2-helena-bonham-carter alice-wonderland-camilla-rose-garcia-6 crg_a-mad-tea-party-425x297 Dali3 download (1) download Empty-Backdrop-from-Alice-in-Wonderland-disney-crossover-29453957-1424-1080 images the-mad-hatter-john-tenniel


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