To begin my FMP, i have been doing sketches and compositional ideas & quick character sketches. For this part of my fmp, I am faced with a challenge because Alice in wonderland has so many variations existing that are popular and well known, and i need to avoid copying them or being influenced by them and i have found this difficult to start with. Also the brief talks about the traditional ” Alice” with blonde hair, blue dress and stripey socks, but they have not made it clear whether they want this adhered to or challenged. So that i have to decide for myself šŸ™‚ but below are my beginning sketches and ideas, i intend to create 3D interpretations of the Scenes i will choose, so these are more plans. Also i have not decided whether my characters will be drawn, silhouettes, Ā represented with shadows or using photography, or whether they will be present in the scenes at all and i just use the landscape and found objects to represent what is going on and allow the readers to image the characters themselves.

10347619_10155297745050151_36948919236863260_n 10649583_10155297743845151_6295399779318542071_n 10675740_10155297743465151_4650890918139372003_n 10959495_10155297743275151_23864216159292600_n 10959610_10155297741315151_100954149837035246_n 10968435_10155297742880151_5044261904367342747_n 10991223_10155297744735151_3171141922482409485_n 10993493_10155297743640151_713811524631435229_n 10998041_10155297742650151_837101614166253933_n 10998076_10155297741710151_4475587706840985802_n 11000530_10155297743065151_5695901004198211015_n 11001746_10155297742330151_4778453931565295808_n


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