In this design lab we were separated into groups again and this time we stayed at one of the four stations for the whole two hours, to allow us to create something more substantial. The group i was in was asked to create a stop motion using a projector, shapes cut from black card and found objects, making use of light and shadows to create abstract forms influenced by our images from last week.

the image i was influenced by is shown below, and its this abstract shape that influenced me to create a strange insect like form from paper and a plastic cup, and then animate it moving awkwardly across the projector, playing with scale and shadow to create something surreal. Our animation’s were all created separately, but in order to show them at the end of the workshop we combined them on premier and it looks interesting to see the contrasts between our different animations put together.

wire edited5

and below is our animation. I quite liked this activity, more so than the one last week because there was more time to experiment before deciding what you had made or created. these activities have been beneficial to me though, because now i am experimenting with things for my fmp i’m less worried with how the final things made from experiments turn out, even if they look awful i’m still trying something new that might be useful.

10945578_10155224556895151_2201889161147222565_n 10155121_10155224557225151_3238456389739866524_n


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