Today we had a workshop in which we did 3 activities, aiming to help us become less fixated on a finished product and more open to new processes and free thinking. These activities involved choosing a word, i chose enchanted because it relates to my FMP and its quite an ambiguous word because enchantment is in the eye of the beholder, one person can find a place enchanting whilst another it can be an action or anything really. I wanted to chose a word that didn’t lock me into a concept or an object, and i think this has worked well.

We were split into groups and my groups first activity involved using string and a nailed grid on the wall, to create an image, i tried to loosely relate it to my word, but it was more about playing with the string and making something with it. below are some images of it:

IMG_6010 IMG_6009 IMG_6005 IMG_5998

next was an activity in which we were to create something using wire, i did not enjoy this activity as much because the only wire available was paper clips  and i found them hard to shape and bend, also there was only 2 pairs of wire cutters between the group which also made this activity difficult. In the time given i created an abstract wire shape, though much smaller than i would have liked. i normally like getting hands on with materials, but the wire was very difficult to use and i would’ve preffered more of a variety of wire. Below is an image of my shape

:wire  the shape of this ended up quite surreal in nature, i was trying to channel my word, but being very loose and free with it, almost like creating for the sake of creating which can create interesting results because it is not driven by an end goal.

the final activity involved creating masking take images on the floor, i found this one the most enjoyable and i decided to make some stop motion animations as opposed to taking photographs of them. i spent this entire workshop avoiding being literal with my word and ended up creating much more freely and expressively than i would usually, whilst i don’t think i created final pieces ;thats a good thing, because i had no end goal, so no end goal was achieved.

masking tape

we were asked to created edited pictures of our creations and this part was quite fun because simple editing like cropping, contrast and colour changes altered the images and gave them new depth and context, i found some of my images took quite a dark turn through editing, this was the use of shadows and some other images fulfilled the idea of “enchant” i think, with bright colours and cropping and enhancing the textures, because enchant is such an ambiguous word it can mean many different things 🙂 below are my edited images:

edited string picture edited string picture2 edited string picture3 masking tape edited1 masking tape edited2 masking tape edited3 masking taped edited 4 wire edited 1 wire edited 4 wire edited2 wire edited3 wire edited5below are some short animations that were made of the masking tape activity.


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