For the first slide of my presentation, I’d like to address the question which affects how and what i create to promote myself and the platforms i will use. This is, who do i want to work for? and where is my work going?

Well my work is going in the direction of creating illustrations using hand built sets and photography, as experimented with in my animation. This is a style i would like to explore further in terms of creating illustrations for children’s books. I’d also like my work to still remain traditionally drawn aswell , and perhaps involve paper cutting in my work through my FMP and 3D illustrative styles. I’d like my work to go in directions influenced by Sam Pierpoint, Lisa Evans & Lauren Child and many others. I am still finding my way of working, because i have always enjoyed using a variety of medias and a variety of styles. I am hoping that within my FMP project i find the style that sets me apart from others.

I want to work as primarily a children’s book illustrator and a practicing fine artist. I do wish to try editorial illustration but my passion lies within bringing stories to life and especially those to enchant children. In terms of being a practicing fine artist i want to create personal work that i can produce as prints and products that i can sell in a web shop of my own. In terms of what children’s book authors and publishers i would most love to work with, i would like to work with :

  • Puffin Books
  • Be accepted onto Illustration Web as a freelancer
  • Create children’s books myself and self publish
  • i would like to illustrate fairytales and fantasy children’s books

.Below are some of my current influences and inspirations: 29116962_p0_zpsc9348882 e378e457fc32bcd5e35a0244e7f98c7e-1 Lisa-Evans-Illustration-Childrens-Fantasy-Whimsical-Winter-Garden-L paper-2 aliceT326 IM CP 2548_websiteland-before-time_sam-pierpoint (1)4970514770_c9fc30ded6_bfyv_zps4d05e700


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