Chelsey Holeman is a freelance illustrator from Wisconsin America, she decided instead of postcards ( which i have already seen are quite popular choices for promotional material for illustrators) she decided to go one step further and create mailers to send out to publishers. She is a children’s book illustrator and i’ve found her blog very informative for new comers. Her mailers include :

  • An Art postcard
  • a business card
  • a self addressed postcard that is stamped, in order for the person receiving the mailer to send back feedback if they wish for no additional cost ( an interesting idea!)
  • a short personalized letter stating why she is contacting that particular person, i think this is good because it feels more personal than receiving just a postcard that has been sent out in bulk and i think promotes a closer working relationship with potential clients because they feel important

here is an image of her mailer, i think it looks great and is very attractive and bright and would definitely catch my attention!

promo image  i love how each item in the mailer bears her stamp and logo, because this reinforces her as a brand. Also aesthetically its a lovely package to receive and i have found it quite inspiring and i would like to create something like this myself.

promo image 2 promo image 3

here are some images of her postcard front and back, and the way she introduces herself on it is informal and fun and i think this is appropriate when trying to attract clients for children’s book illustration. the tagline on the postcard is friendly and bold and has intrigued me enough to look at her work more closely than other examples i have seen. i especially love the creative typeface she has used for her name.


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