Here i will be taking a selection of what i feel are the important factors to consider for this brief and making a list of what i want to achieve within my presentation, it should be 10 slides or less, not be text heavy as i should say most of what i want to orally and be more focused on exciting imagery to keep the viewer interested.

  • consider your audience and end user: well my end user and audience will be a few different people in varying industries, because i would like to illustrate for a variety of different kinds of publications including creating personal work to sell as an artist in an online shop of my own. So my audience will be children ( for childrens book illustration) and included in this genre will be the editors, authors and illustration agencies that provide illustrators for children’s books. I would also like to create illustrations for greetings cards and products surrounding that area like wrapping paper, gift items and postcards/ prints. For this my audience would be the general public, i’d quite like to design for paper chase or hallmark during my career so they and their clientele would be my end user/ audience. Finally i would like to create illustrations to accompany magazines articles & newspapers so editorial illustration, therefore my clientele would be editors, writers of these articles and the publications themselves, whilst my audience would be their readers.
  • investigate a range of existing platforms – at least 10 and analyse and critically assess their strengths and weaknesses: whilst i have been doing this throughout my previous research posts, my next post will contain a graph i have made of existing research platforms and their strengths and weaknesses so i can efficiently compare them against one another. The ones i have looked at so far are: WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, IllustrationWeb, Behance, Deviantart, Altpic, TheISspot, Dribble, Talenthouse, Pinterest, Etsy, LinkedIn.
  • The content of your presentation should be your proposed finished project, screenshots, mp4’s, interviews, visual planning and mockups, diagrams and notes:  For this part i will include some screenshots of website designs i have created, screenshots of designs for promotional materials like business cards, compared to my existing business cards, a plan of how i intend to use social media to my advantage, an examples of an existing practice by a designer i wish to follow ( Sam Pierpoint), mind maps of presentation ideas and diagrams comparing different types of platforms that are accessible.
  • PRESENTATION SHOULD BE NO LONGER THAN 5 MINUTES- therefore i should have a run through first with with a friend in order to time myself.
  • It says to use the research from my summer project, but as i joined this university in a top up course i had only received the summer project a week or two before, therefore all of the research on this project is new, but this is ok because i feel it will be more up to date than what i looked at over summer.


  • begin with saying “who you want to work for” and “where you see your work going”
  • Then move onto research + analysis
  • Then “now i have conducted my research this is what i am going to do”
  • include mock up’s, layouts, examples of online portfolios and promotional materials you like
  • will you use moving images? gifs/ videos
  • Could you do demo’s in your online presence to allow your audience to feel they connect with you and your practice on a personal level
  • find people doing what you want to be doing, how are they doing it?
  • website, wordpress, tumblr, wix?
  • how will i address more than one client base? will i have different sections on my web portfolio for them? also will i have specific promotional materials for each type that i can send out according to client?
  • online shops : Etsy VS own shop

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