Above is my final animation for Ian Leslie’s curiosity speech 🙂 I was quite pleased with how it turned out, the most time consuming part of this project was creating the sets which i have enjoyed making from scratch and then seeing them come to life with the characters.  For this animation, i wanted to combine ideas of curiosity and how it relates to childhood, as children are born curious constantly looking for new things to touch or experience, and this curiosity fades as one becomes an adult. Therefore i decided to use childhood toys and characters, to a. interest a younger generation in a talk meant for adults, and b. to re introduce these ideas of childhood curiosity to adults that may have forgotten how to be curious. Also kitsch featured heavily in this animation, as an inspiration of much of my previous work its a style i enjoy working within, also kitsch is popular culture, be it well liked or disliked, but it’s bright and gaudy and does hold peoples attention and thats what i felt was necessary in this project. I also think the use of kitsch and toys within this piece gives it fun and humour and also the “magic” that is so important in the RSA Brief.  For research within this project i have looked at several types of animation before deciding on stop motion, i first looked at drawn animation which i would like to do at some point, but at this moment i felt like i wanted to create something really different, and with kitsch and childhood in mind the concept of using real objects in a humorous way fitted more appropriately. I have also really enjoyed building the sets involved and found that the still images created during filming, are quite successful and i have now found a new visual language that i had not previously used that i think could be successful within my FMP.  I’ve looked at ideas surrounding pop culture and kitsch culture, it also came up in a lecture which was quite useful to form a concept i think works and adds depth to my animation, as well as a sense of fun. I think if i were to create this animation again i would think more carefully about the timings and whether i am putting too much into the minute we were given, because at times my animation feels rushed but as a first time animator i think this project went quite well and i enjoyed creating it 🙂 It was very satisfying to see the animation come together as moving objects. I also learnt how to create a stop motion, and this is a medium i enjoyed using. I was worried that my animation would not be as successful as others due to it not being as technically perfect as those created by animators, but i think now upon seeing the others i played to my strengths as an artist as opposed to my weaknesses in animation and think its quirky and different and has given me a bit more confidence in my ideas.


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