In terms of self promotion, it must move with the times and be constantly improved and worked upon in order to keep yourself fresh and interesting to the public and your target group. My target group will be i think:

  • Childrens book illustration- so authors, editors and publishers
  • Greetings Cards/ Gift products- so paperchase, hallmark etc
  • Magazine/ Newspaper illustration- so editors, publishers, magazines, newspapers, online publications
  • Products/ Prints as i’d like to create personal work just for sale purposes/fun= general public + those who like arty products

what i already do/have and what i need to improve:

  • business cards — these say fine art and illustration as i created them over summer, they showcase older work that i am not sure i like anymore so these need to be updated and reinvented, because at the moment they are quite simple. But i used MOO to print them and i love the quality of the printing, and the rounded edges add a nice modern touch.
  • Small portfolio photo book- i had a small photobook made up of some of my favorite pieces of work, in order to show potential clients because it is easy to carry or even post to potential clients. But now i would like one with updated work more organised and aimed towards my target groups. Perhaps each target group needs a separate book with corresponding work? i like these because they are cleaner and more modern than traditional portfolio folders.
  • linked-in profile/ talenthouse profile- need either scrapping or updating

What i need to create:

  • website/ online portfolio- i am working on designs for this currently, i’d like something quite modern and clean so that the work speaks for itself
  • webshop- when i create prints or products featuring my illustrations i would like to open a paypal ready web shop
  • post cards: ive found i prefer postcards to business cards since seeing some lovely ones at an art fair because of their size, they showcase work on a much more viewable scale and are lovely to just post out to clients.

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