Social media is now a huge part of everyday life, so how can i use it to my advantage to advertise myself as an illustrator? There are several types of social media, some distinctively more useful to creative professionals, and some just good for meeting people.

Social media is great, but you have to think carefully about what do people really need to see? i don’t use twitter as i find it quite pointless, and also twitter is very informal, and i dont think clients would be interested in hearing common tweets about being stuck in traffic or hashtagging YOLO on nights out. Therefore its important to consider how you will be displayed as a professional that someone would want to work with, whilst still allowing some of your personality to shine through on social media so your clients feel they can connect with you as a person.

I will look at each type and evaluate whether they would be good for me in an illustrative perspective:

  • Facebook- this type of social media is not one i am a fan of personally, i find it looks unprofessonial, and whilst it works well for some established illustrators i follow on facebook, i think unless you have a large number of facebook friends you are not going to be finding work through facebook.
  • Instagram- now the licencing with instagram is dubious, whilst they do not claim ownership over your content, they are allowed to distribute it throughout the site. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing, because it means you gain more coverage via the use of hashtag’s also using instagram regularly keeps you in the public eye because it will be more readily used than someone visiting your website. I also quite like instagram because although it is not where i purchase items from, users post links to their webshops/ sites in their bio and this makes it easily accessible and i think people would be more impulsive if they liked your work and thought about purchasing it there and then.
  • LinkedIn: I have a linkedin account, created for professionals. But i find that it only gets used to advertise jobs, or to announce when someone has a new job and their online portfolio function looks a bit disorganised. I think it will be good when looking for a job though 🙂
  • Twitter: Twitter is widely used, its very popular but i feel its a platform where you cannot continuously promote yourself for fear of it becoming irritating. Maybe this is a platform to use when you want to connect with existing clients and fans on a more personal level, and to give your online persona some depth so that you can regularly provide updates on your work without updating a website.
  • Blogging such as Tumblr and WordPress: I love using my wordpress, yet i have only really used it for university and i think it will be a good platform to use when starting a blog for my personal work as an illustrator. Tumblr on the other hand i feel is more used by the younger generation, and i find it disorganised  and lacking in professional looking layouts.
  • Pinterest: i do like pinterest, but i dont think it is suitable for promoting myself as an illustrator. perhaps if i sold prints/ products it would prove useful!

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