So i’ve shot the first half of my stop motion animation, i used a big tally chart and worked out the frame count for each scene and ticked each one off as it was shot, this was time consuming but a much more organised way of ensuring that i didn’t have to spend days editing the frames to make it all fit together 🙂 i really enjoyed shooting this, it turned out a bit differently from my plan as i came up with new ideas whilst shooting, in the swimming pool scene for example i liked the idea that “therefore the more ideas you have” were represented by kitschy objects like tiny easter chicks and fake food appearing and interacting with the characters, i also love the quite humorous movement that was created almost by accident trying to position the characters amongst the gems.

Admittedly in the second scene where Ian leslie talks about nurturing in classrooms and at work, my animations are slightly longer than his speech and aren’t quite in time, but this i think is ok because i want to give the viewer time to see what is happening, as Ian Leslie talks quite quickly. And i also got to add lighting effects with my characters camera and i think this adds some of the necessary “Magic” 🙂 also i think tiny little details like the graduation cap and robe, really add to the piece. The camera angles were mainly frontal for this shoot because it will give the best view of the sets, but i have created a combination of close up and far away shots that give the animation more depth 🙂 below are some stills from shooting the first half:

_DSC0300 _DSC0310 _DSC0339 _DSC0342 _DSC0356 _DSC0380 _DSC0428 _DSC0526 _DSC0528 _DSC0534


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