The cafe set has been by far one of the most involved sets i’ve needed to create for the RSA Animate brief. I’ve really enjoyed making it and keeping to my kitsch theme has involved research and experimentation whilst making this set and sourcing suitable materials. I’ve made everything in these sets by hand unless stated and it’s encouraged my curiosity in itself so i think the talk has done what it intended when thinking of how its has inspired me to create such involved and kitschy stage sets πŸ™‚

For this set, i created a building from card and used a pastel pink brick photograph to create a repeated pattern that looks like brickwork. I used this as the outer for the cardboard, i looked for images of dollhouse doors and found a very garish pink and bright green one that contrasted the brickwork nicely. Following this colour scheme i used collage to create the window of the cafe, using a photograph of a baroque pink photo frame, lime green painted wood texture and a photograph of the inside of the “Hello Kitty Cafe” in tokyo ( the height of kitsch kawaii culture) to make a gaudy window. I also used strawberry printed fabric to make curtains for the cafe, i wanted to use lots of different layers to add depth to this set.

10885554_10155088766390151_8007062494838962756_nthe brick texture…. πŸ™‚ i think using photography within this animation creates a nice contrast that stops it being too cutesy!

1503886_10155088765660151_6747323011546537510_nΒ this is a close-up of the window, i am very pleased with how this came out as it was quite time consuming but i think its the little details that i create within the sets that i hope will add the MAGIC to my animation πŸ™‚ it certainly makes it feel magical for me because of the lengths i’ve found i am willing to go to , in order to create my imaginary kitschy colourful world encompassing my characters.

i also used the curtain fabric to make a table cloth for the table outside the cafe πŸ™‚ and found a fabric teapot that i think works well with the toy food and table wear. I then went on to create an apron and chefs hat for my characters, this scene represents:

” Technology is replacing routine work, this is what technology replaces first and has done throughout history”

how its going to run is, technology is represented by well known R2D2 wearing an apron delivering the food to the table, but then the chefs hat flies off of the flamingo chef onto R2D2 and the flamingo is knocked over by R2D2 as a sign pops up over the cafe sign saying “Under new management” i think this will be a witty way of representing this point, using recognizable figures and a sense of humour. ( Admittedly this is the most surreal scene i think i have created so far! never thought i’d be writing about R2D2 knocking over a flamingo and taking his chefs hat)

i also created small accessories for this set, i found the sign a pain to paint because glitter foam is not very easy to paint upon! I create a small menu with a kitsch deer print, a cafe blackboard showing the specials “Koons Cakes” a nod to the king of Kitsch and my inspiration, Jeff Koons. I created a candyfloss background for this scene, because i wanted something quite desaturated so as not to distract from the action and the details within the actual cafe. I also used a photograph of a cobbled street texture to create the floor.

Below are images of making the set, i will be using a different light to take to my test videos and proper images but these are the progress images πŸ™‚

10882285_10155088766020151_6126823662304898533_n 10406645_10155088765235151_7308893902855253886_n _DSC0270 _DSC0276 _DSC0266 _DSC0267 _DSC0260 _DSC0257 _DSC0280 10897114_10155088764540151_7028079232689630529_n (1)


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