Whilst creating this animation, my ideas have changed throughout the experimentation process and so has my storyboard. From around 24 scenes, i discovered that this is far too much to squeeze into a minute, it makes the story too hard to follow and less enjoyable. So i have decided to cut down the scenes and content to create a narrative that addresses important points within Ian Leslie’s talk, as opposed to every word said and this will flow much better and hopefully make the talk more understandable to a wider audience.

I made a quick GIF animatic with rough sketches to show how the narrative will play out- each scene will be made in a kitschy style using found objects and made props:


Scene 1:

Curiosity is a muscle- use it or lose it:   scene shows reindeer gazing out of the window in curiosity at forest.

Scene 2: Its something we consciously have to nurture in ourselves, in our families, in classrooms, at work: scene shows reindeer exploring woods, then being greeted in living room by family, graduation cap and diploma flying in, and then having camera appear round his neck.

Scene 3: Sometimes I hear that curiosity and creativity are killed by too many facts. But in fact the opposite is true: scene shows sparkly rain coming down on 2 reindeers (curiosity and creativity) , but then shows the reindeers in a swimming pool being filled by said raindrops which are a metaphor for facts.

Scene 4: The more you know, the more you want to know, not only that but the more you know the more connections you can make between the different bits of knowledge you have in your head: see’s more gems filling up swimming pool, connections represented by gems appearing hung on a thread between the two reindeers antlers.

Scene 5: therefore the more ideas you have, curiosity is the wellspring of creativity: scene shows a well structure appear over the swimming pool , lots of kitschy flowers and pool toys appear.

Scene 6: Technology is replacing routine work and that’s what technology replaces first and has done throughout history:   Scene shows character outside café, being delivered food to table by R2D2 who then proceeds to take chefs hat from chef flamingo, knock him over as a “Under new management” sign comes over the café sign. One of the most surreal scenes.

Scene 7: so intellectually curious people, people who are capable of learning throughout their career, of asking questions, good questions: scene shows reindeer leaving café and going to photography studio and taking pictures, whilst speech bubbles appear asking model to move “Why not there?”

Scene 8: of adapting and collaborating with others of different disciplines: scene shows other characters entering studio and arranging props/ ideas

Scene 9: people who are really capable of thriving in this world of non routine work, in other words are the people who are going to do better: scene shows characters in gallery looking at reindeers prize winning photograph and other kitsch artwork, finish by showing reindeer infront of his piece whilst other characters surround him congratulating him. Ends by seeing just reindeer in gallery and words appear next to him in kitsch font “Ian Leslie- Curiosity” as end title.

curiosity storyboard 1 curiosity storyboard 2


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