So far i am now in the production stages of the RSA animate brief, i have my storyboard below which has been edited upon discovery that i had too many scenes for the 60 seconds. Upon showing my classmates the few seconds of footage i had so far, we all agreed that i needed less scenes because them being so short doesn’t allow you to follow the story and enjoy it as much. So i have decided to cut my story down, in order to address what i feel are the more important bits of Ian Leslies speech and to create a narrative that flows nicely and is entertaining πŸ™‚

I have found building the sets a very enjoyable experience, challenging at times but overall i’ve really liked the physicality of building an animation and shooting it by hand with objects, as opposed to drawing frame by frame. I’ve also found that some of the still images work really well, as still images and i am going to use some of the sets to create holiday card illustrations that i may produce for next christmas because they have a kitsch novelty-ness to them that would suit cards and postcards πŸ™‚ Below are some of these still images:

The sets/props i have left to build are as follows:

  • miniature books for “nurturing within ourselves” + miniature camera strap for keyring camera
  • PVC swimming pool + sunny/ cloudy background + wire up crystal raindrops
  • cafe set with miniature food + gradient sky
  • mini chef hat and apron for R2D2 and camel
  • photography studio set
  • gallery set
  • photographs for gallery set

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