In order for me to design a portfolio site to represent myself as an illustrator, its important to look at good examples of existing portfolio sites to gain inspiration 🙂 so i’ve searched many a website and come up with a list below of sites i really like:


This one is by Robby Leonardi, hes a multi-disciplinary designer who illustrates, animates and creates websites and this one is amazing! i love interactive sites where the work comes to life and this is a really playful and imaginative way of showcasing his skills.

portfolio 1


This is definitely one of my favorites i’ve seen, its so simple but looks very chic and the work is what is attracting me, the layout merely adds to the work instead of distracts from it and the listing of clients along the side is informative and impressive.

portfolio 2


This one is similar to the one above, i like the simpler layouts on portfolio websites because unless you create animated work, theres no need for animated aspects however entertaining. Also these layouts showcase a variety of work in a layout that isn’t too busy and looks professional.

portfolio 3


I’ve used Sam Pierpoint’s as a reference before, but i feel this portfolio site is what i would like to aim for, and also i love her work so that does play a role in how much i like her website. She uses a simple background to contrast her brightly coloured worked and i think this works well.



This ones got a really interesting style, and i find it much more fun and lighthearted than some of the others in this post. It utilizes Gemma’s illustrations as part of the layout which i think it really nice because the viewer feels they are involved in her work and its really easy to navigate. I like the addition of an online shop 🙂

portfolio 4 portfolio 5


This one is similar to the one above, but easier to code because it doesnt have layers of appearing/ disappearing images. Though this website is not optimised for mobile viewing and i think thats important nowadays as alot of people use their smartphones to browse the internet, but i like how each link to a new page on the website is accompanied by an illustration, i think this makes the brand better enforced throughout the site.

portfolio 6 portfolio 7


This one is a simple one, probably one that is more within the realms of coding that i could create. But again the use of brightly coloured work and a fairly simple background the work really stands out and thats what you want in a portfolio site, the work to speak for itself. also this one like the others above has links to social media profiles of the artist/ illustrator which is an important aspect of self promotion.

portfolio 8


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