In addition to having your own website for your illustration portfolio, you can put your work on portfolio sites that house work from many different illustrators. I think these are a good idea because it makes sense for an art director to browse a large selection of artists until they find a suitable one, and if you are not yet well known as an illustrator it can be easier for you to be found on websites such as these because the client need not know your name, just what genre of work they are looking for. It is not known how much work you receive from sites like this but i think they are a good idea for those like myself who are starting out and have yet to make a name for themselves.  There are pros and cons to these online portfolio sites, because you have to be careful and read the terms of service to make sure you are not signing over the rights to your images or allowing them to be used in ways you disagree with. But the pro’s of extra exposure cannot be a bad thing, especially for newcomers.

Some examples of sites like this are:

  • Behance ( widely known and known to be used by companies searching for artists/illustrators)
  • Talent House ( more of a site for hosting competitions and starting collaborations, but i think its a useful place to have some work up because the people who create competitions on there are sometimes from quite well known companies, and these competitions are free to enter)
  • http://altpick.com/ ( now this one i have found in an article about self promotion, it is not free because they charge $99 a year for membership, and admittedly i don’t think the website looks very user friendly)
  • http://www.theispot.com/portfolios/search.cfm  ( this one is well known, very expensive though but upon looking through the portfolios on there alot of illustrators i like use it so it must have some value. Also it has very detailed search options so it can be quick to narrow down and find people who create what you are looking for)
  • http://www.illustrationweb.com/ ( this is one i really like, i use it often when looking for inspiration because illustrators are divided into handy genres, and some cross genres which is good because it doesn’t pigeonhole the illustrator. Also its the first thing that comes up when you google illustrators which has alot of value, because it could be the first point of call for people looking to commission an illustrator and aren’t sure of where to look, this one also has animators in the directory)
  • https://dribbble.com/  ( i like this one, it looks simple and its free to register on but you have to be careful with the terms of service on free portfolio sites because of how they are allowed to use your images)

dribble  Dribble.comaltpick  altpick.com  – doesn’t look very excitingillustration web illustrationweb.com- one of my favorites because they show such a variety of genres

the IS Spot- nicely designed but very pricey to join!



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