Today i made another set, and edited my previous one because the “wallpaper” was too shiny and reflected the lighting at the camera! So i switched it for a matte finish paper and think it looks much better, i also changed the direction of the floorboards to make them more uniform and to fit the space better. I’m really enjoying experimenting with different photographs of textures and surfaces to create the surfaces within these sets. I also don’t mind that each one takes quite a long time to create, because i think the look of them in the stop motions i took today looked like a real little kitschy world and thats what i am aiming for 🙂

The set i made today was the scene for “curiosity is a muscle, use it or lose it” its comprised of 2 sets:

1. curiosity is a muscle- deer peering out of the window into a forest

2. use it or lose it- deer exploring said forest

to create the sets i used perspective for the second set, i put a small wooden kitsch glittery house on a platform higher up on the set, surrounded by trees that got bigger the closer they got to the camera to create the illusion of distance. I used photographs of trees, mounted on card and cut out with craft knife to create the forest, green felt to create the forest floor and i created the pink “barbie-esque” sky using photoshop, gradients and the brush tool to create clouds. I was happy with how this looked for a first try, but i want to add more trees and integrate toad stools i found ( miniature wooden toad stools) and word on the placement of the trees to create a more filled set. Though when i took the stop motion test as a close up i think it looked quite effective.

_DSC9912 _DSC9942 _DSC9945

these are close up shots, i have found whilst taking the stop motions that i need more than one light source, to avoid casting shadows so this is something that i will factor in for the next videos.

_DSC9953 _DSC9978 _DSC9992

this above scene is for “curiosity is a muscle” i have used the same living room featuring in “curiosity is something you nurture in your family” because i want consistency with my characters and his environment.  i took a photograph of the forest set and printed it to make the window image, paper cut a window frame using a wood texture paper and made kitschy clashing curtains from the original wallpaper i’d used, but i’d like to use real fabric ones for the real footage perhaps.

below are the videos:

“curiosity is something we nurture within our families”

“curiosity is a muscle”

“use it or lose it” take 1

“use it or lose it” take 2

i put the first few seconds with the audio 🙂 i think it goes a bit fast but i like it so far:


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