Today i made my first set for my animation, in keeping with my kitsch theme i created a living room with barbie furniture and floral wallpaper, i photographed a wooden floor texture to create the flooring ( this still needs work as my printer ran out of ink whilst printing it, so the colour is a bit uneven).  I photographed my characters separately and added an ornate frame to create a family portrait for the wall, as this is the scene where Ian says that curiosity is something we nurture in our families.  I really enjoyed building this first set and intend to create 3 this week, i am also still sourcing kitsch objects and iconic toys to create the atmosphere intended in my animation.

below are some progress images of making the set and a test animation of it:

what i have learnt from this set is that in order to get the lighting right, i must use two light sources because one from either side casts shadows. I will also use a tripod to shoot the final scenes. I am making my scenes interchangeable, inside a wooden frame to ensure all frames are the same size.

10419602_10154985036420151_5356364147676481554_n _DSC9863 _DSC9869 10410400_10154985037010151_4686145717866059044_n _DSC9903 _DSC9902


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