For my animation i designed a few set ideas, but it was really experimenting with the sets during construction that brought them to life and allowed me to make decisions upon their appearance, i find i work better with my hands as opposed to alot of rigid forward planning therefore i will include my rough designs here 🙂 along with some developmental work, but it really boiled down to getting creative with materials and found objects that bring my sets to life for this animation, that an the influences of kitsch and childhood culture.

10468648_10155423007995151_3241578027566028069_n 10557282_10155423007360151_4458251687282981981_n 10982942_10155423006885151_4820632870269575864_n 11009112_10155423007735151_7626863952195060457_n 11049664_10155423008350151_5180155787829015021_n 11070255_10155423007090151_5679411507252791346_n 11075259_10155423008585151_6200340837293128245_n


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