This week we met Mo Lea for a seminar to help us with our essays. During this seminar we were able to each explain what we were planning to write about and ask questions about things we were struggling with. I found the experience useful because i had previously been unsure of how to structure my essay and Mo suggested :

  • context
  • good examples
  • not so good examples
  • conclusions
  • how it informs FMP

this helped because in what i have previously written ( around 2700 words prior to this meeting) i had been mentioning off handedly throughout which pieces of information i was discovering that was informing my FMP, i am still going to retain a few of the better examples of this because i would like to tie my research to its purpose throughout still. As opposed to having to re has points at the end of my essay.

Also, Mo suggested that we should have one reference per 100 words. This seems like alot but i understand now that a reference doesn’t necessarily have to be a quote , it can even be an opinion you have formed during your research and you can reference the artist/ designer/ journal or what ever it is that helped you to form this opinion.

explain the situation of gender stereotyping in a broader context, historically how has it been used, talk about how society has changed and how gender stereotypes are being produced now

Above is what Mo suggested as a beginning to my essay, something i hadn’t previously done because i am not necessarily looking at gender stereotyping throughout history, but as of right now and what current illustrators are doing to alleviate the issue if anything. So this may not seem entirely relevant for my essay but i now understand i should have some background information to show how informed i am on the issue as a whole, this i think will be a part of my introduction.

v. important: MUST BE DOUBLE SPACED 

I have a one to one tutorial with Mo this wednesday at 1:40, in which i will bring the working draft of my essay for her to look over and discuss 🙂


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