This week i had a tutorial with Rachel about the RSA brief, just to see how things were going and gauge whether she thought i was going in a good direction with it 🙂 also to ask advice on the illustration side of the brief such as as the style of imagery being used etc.

During my tutorial i showed her what i had done so far and discussed my plans to create sets based upon ideas of found objects that are recognizable as childhood toys and objects of kitsch, as i would like my animation to be quite bright and interesting and allow the audience to make connections with their childhoods and whimsy, because this is where i feel our curiosity is at its peak!

Rachel suggested that i could create sets using architectural model supplies, to create realistic trees and bricks etc if this is what i am going for, below are some examples of what i could do with these materials:

Architectural-Models detailed-model-lg TREES IN FALL

I’m not overly keen on these, because i think realistic isn’t what i am completely aiming for. I would like to create a surreal environment, almost like a barbie world to match the glittering spectacle that is my characters. But i would like to have a play with these materials regardless because they look fun to use!

Next we discussed that because my character portrays a hip deer photographer, perhaps i can utilise photography in my set designs. Now i really like the idea of using photography to create some of the textures in my sets like for example photographing wood textures and printing it repeatedly to create a wooden floor or photographing wallpaper to make my own wallpaper for the sets.  This is something i will experiment with and i think it will tie in the aspects of my character into his surroundings. We also spoke about using solely photography to create the sets, but i think this would take away from the childhood atmosphere i am trying to emanate which was filled with kitsch plastic furniture and fake food. 

We also discussed the idea of using surreal objects to represent other objects in my animation, in order to create a totally surreal atmosphere for my characters to interact with. E.g. in the gallery scene, the sculpture could be a medicine spoon as a opposed to a mini sculpture i make, and i think this would make an interesting jab at popular culture and modern art that could be quite funny 🙂

I also showed her ” A town called panic” which is an animated programme using childrens toys and they way they move is hilarious and i would like to bring some of this wit into my own work, which can be done because the characters i have chosen do not have moveable limbs and look quite humorous already 🙂


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