In this lecture we were shown some examples of how historical context can be involved in our essays, for example in my essay i could use the work of Simone De Beavoir and her views on feminism. Also it makes sense when Collin says when using books for research use the index and contents page to find relevant parts instead of reading the whole thing as it might not all be useful.  Also we have been told to do around 200-300 words on historical context in our essay, but not to make the essay about history itself.10423859_10154894142760151_5923521113258011070_n 10603311_10154894143015151_6442081049935682153_n 10341741_10154894142845151_633468876056928016_n


The thinking process for thinking about design, could involve brainstorming. I use brainstorming in all projects as i find it useful to organise my ideas, it was made popular by Alex Osborn in the late 1930s, we have been encouraged to read “Change by Design” by Tim Brown.

Analytical thinking was also explained to us in this lecture, in order to help us become more creative thinkers. Analytical thinking focus’s on the product, whereas contextual thinking focus’s around the product and you can combine both types using integrated thinking. I think i tend to be more of a contextual thinker, because i think of all the possibilities surrounding potential ideas rather than my end product, i will try to combine types of thinking more because contextual thinking holds me back and causes me to manage my time less efficiently than i could.

Design thinking can be done using process’s, a series of steps to achieve an end product. This seems a very organised way of completing a task, narrative thinking involves a story, a written account of connected events, whilst this seems the more likely method i’d use i think theres a risk of straying from the task at hand and going off on a tangent.

We looked at the Vivienne Westwood Spring/ Summer 2010 fashion show, a short section of it anyway. She tells a story with her designs and uses this in her shows, people are sat as if they would be in a theatre. She combines her designs,the music, the audience and the setting to tell a narrative.  Vivienne westwoods collection at this time was inspired by theatre, with the white theatre makeup on the models and complex designs which reminded me of deconstructed opera costumes.  vivienne westwood spring summer fashion 2010

We looked at :

Isle Crawford interior design

What stuck with me is how benches, were made to be democratic and promote equality and opposed to chairs which can encourage class and segregation, design effects how we live our every day lives even if we dont notice.


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