Project Proposal- first draft




Name: Megan Cox


1.     Title:  ????


2. Content: 


  • I have been looking at feminist and gender neutral children’s books in my dissertation, and have been particularly interested in adaptations of fairy tales to provide a more feminist perspective, one story that has not had this done yet is the “12 Dancing princesses” and I am interested in possibly adapting this book to create a feminist perspective, either for children or young adults
  • I am also interested in paper cutting illustration, 3D illustration and mixed media books and intend to experiment with these methods and more to create a feminist themed book, but with beautifully intricate illustrations
3. Why:


  • I chose this area of research because I am passionate about children’s literature and how there is not enough variety in children’s books, especially those that empower females and males as individuals regardless of gender, and as an illustrator I would like to use design to alleviate this issue, I am also interested in 3D illustration methods because I feel they would be more appreciated in today’s market where e-books have become so popular that books themselves must become more than flat objects to gain the interest of children.
  • My reasons for this are both personal and social, personally because I would like my nieces to grow up feeling empowered by the fairy tales and stories they read, not oppressed into certain roles as dictated by some current children’s stories aimed solely at females. Socially because I would like to contribute to the growing popularity of gender free children’s literature. Another personal reason for my choice of methods to explore, is I have always been enamoured by paper cutting artists and 3D illustrations and this would be an excellent chance to try it for myself and combine it with my existing intricate pencil drawing style.


3. Audience:


  • My project will be aimed at children or young adults, actually it could be aimed at anyone at the moment because I will discover new ideas during this project that could influence this
  • The primary purpose of my work is to create something beautiful but socially impacting and contribute to the world of feminist children’s literature.


4. Methodologies:


  • I am going to use my research on gender neutral children’s stories from my dissertation, look at existing feminist stories and their illustrations, and also I will look at a range of illustrators who illustrate children’s books and create 3D/ paper cut illustrations. I will look for exhibitions featuring these methods and others that I find along my journey, I will also contact existing illustrators to ask their opinions on gender in children’s literature in a similar way I have done for my dissertation. I will also as illustrators for advice on the new methods I will be experimenting with and watch instructional videos on paper cutting.
  • I need to visit exhibitions on paper cutting, illustration and 3D paper craft, I need to visit book stores in order to conduct market research and I would like to attend workshops in paper art if these exist.
  • I will contact existing illustrators such as Cindy Ferguson, a paper cutting artist and feminist writers such as Cara Walker, I will do this by email or via social media because this is the most instantaneous form of contact and possibly conduct skype interviews if this is possible.
  • I am going to experiment with paper cutting techniques, 3D paper craft and combining it with my pencil drawing style. I will create lots of different examples of idea’s I have and experiment with hand cutting and using the laser cutter. I will practice adapting existing stories to ensure my language fits my illustration, I will also experiment with photographing my 3D illustrations and editing them digitally in case I wish to use them as a flat illustration in a book that I make.


5. Personal learning:


  • I want to learn more about how I will work as an illustrator and about the new methods I want to experiment with, and how they will help me grow as a professional
  • I want to learn how to use paper cutting within my work, learn more about photography and 3D paper craft, also how to create a book  from scratch that could be ready for sending to a publisher
  • Using paper cutting techniques will be a challenge for me as it is a new technique I will try, also adapting a story to have feminist ideals will be a challenge because I have never adapted a story before and it will challenge my skills of combining language and image
6. Making Public:


·         I will upload my progress to my online learning journal on wordpress, and the final finished book I will try to get published or self publish if possible, depending on how pleased I am with the final outcome

·         I intend to create a book, bound and completed, but also I would like to create a 3D representation of my work as something that can be appreciated on a larger scale and showcase my skills, I could also create prints of the finished illustrations on post cards to give out at the exhibition

·         My research file will be the sketchbooks I use to document my experiments, and the online learning journal where my research will be collated



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