This week we had animation tutorials with Anna, and i think it went quite well and it was great to get an animators insight on how i could make my idea work, she also highlighted something things i hadn’t thought of when planning my storyboard  that have been very helpful:

1. have recurring characters as opposed to ones in just one scene, this makes them more relateable and the animation will make more sense, e.g. whereas before i had a camel being made redundant by a robot, it made more sense to have one of the flamingos from my main characters family because they would appear more often.

2. put my storyboard into premier timeline with the sound to ensure there is enough time for each scene, i realise with 25 scenes planned it runs quite long and i need to stick to one minute.

3. look at a “town called panic” because their animation style uses toys and in quite a humorous way that can influence how i use my toy like and kitsch objects/characters.

4. in the scene where i planned to make plastecine raindrops, Anna suggested it would be more in keeping with my kitsch sparkly style to use sparkly beads, and how is the scene where they put umbrellas up showing facts helping them? i need to think carefully about the context of each individual scene, but i am pleased because only 3 of the 25 scenes Anna thought didn’t go as well as the others

5. Use found and kitsch objects to make my scenes, and have them in individual sets so i can make them interchangeable


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